Bisexual Men are More Harmed by Sexually Diseases?


Due to personal problems and social reasons, bisexual men are more harmed by sexually diseases and other health problems. The study of United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about individual behavior bisexual men, interpersonal norms and social relations, and discussion about the related improvement measures are summarize here. The research was published in the “American Journal of Preventive Medicine” on June 23.


The report indicates that about 2 percent of sexually active men are bisexuals. Although only a small part of the total population, bisexual men suffering from other sexually transmitted diseases and the risk of HIV infection will be higher. It is said that although HIV prevalence among bisexual men is lower than gay men, but still higher than heterosexual men. And compared to gay men, bisexual men are more unwilling to test for HIV infection. There are reports that, in the past year, 21% of bisexual men carried out the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, and this indicator homosexuality and heterosexuality are 12% and 2.3%.


The study’s author William Jeffries pointed out that individual factors, such as not use condoms, premature sexual activity, forced sex may affect bisexual men’s sexual health. Bisexual men will have more sexual partners, the way they use sex toys, more dangerous posture, Swingers frequency and attitude towards pregnancy make difference from homosexual or heterosexual men’s. These will increase their infection HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases chance.


Bisexual men do not like to use condoms, while the desire to make baby will encourage them to have sex with a female companion so they will avoid condoms. And when the female partner to do other contraceptive measures or to look condoms as not loyal, they would never use. ‘ Jeffries wrote in the report,’ In addition, it‘s more common that do oral sex for bisexuals, and it will increase the possibility that they are infected with HIV / sexually transmitted virus, and spread of these diseases in their sex relationships.


Social factors leading to this phenomenon include the public’s negative attitude to bisexual, the economic problems of bisexual male , the request of ‘masculinity’ from popular society, negative impression on bisexual and Biphobia. ‘Bisexual phobia expresses a wrong idea: bisexual men are heterosexual sex who are not yet to revealed their sexual orientation.’ Jeffries added, ‘Such sentiments will grow bisexual social isolation mood and psychological distress, thereby reducing measures related to prevention services, which also increases the risk of them suffering from HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.


According to the study, Dr. Jeffries made some comprehensively health programs for protect bisexual male sexual :


・Propaganda a positive image of ‘sexual orientation minority’ men (including gay and bisexual) to the public , and reduce the impact of bisexual phobia and homophobia


・Develop and provide HIV / STD prevention activities and integrated education for bisexual ・Nurture and encourage social consciousness of frank discussion of sexual health issues


・Sensitivity training for medical staff will reduce sexual health counseling and bisexual AIDS / STD prevention sensitive attitude when do the detection information. Dr. Jeffries said that it still needs more research to get better understanding of the specific health needs of bisexual men. The current study sheds some light to this project. Bisexual Men Dating Information>>>click here and join


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